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A limited selection of Vincent Tremeau’s iconic photos are now for sale. Editions are hand signed and numbered by Vincent.


The story behind the photo from Vincent's words:


25 November 2016 - Ville de Mao, Chad. A woman walks across a street of Mao, Chad.

Mao is a city like an oasis in the middle of the desert. A city where the Sultan is still the authority in town. Tooth pullers have billboards displayed in front of their shop. When in Mao, It feels the town remained untouched for the last centuries. Like in many places in this region of Chad, people run their activities based on the sun's light. Most of the city areas don't have electricity. At sunset it is time to get back home. Time for the light to give the mud made houses this beautiful yellow color, contrasting with the blue sky.


Sometimes we are not aware of what kind of a different image we present to the world from the place we are in- to those who look at us from the outside.


What would our lives be like if we could observe ourselves and our surroundings, watch as a spectator how everything actually looks like?


I took this photo while observing the details of these colorful houses in Chad, when I realized how the whole picture changed right at this moment when a lady was passing by. A few seconds of someone passing by actually made those houses and the scene seem completely altered.


How different and beautifully everything can change by just a single passenger in a moment...

The Passenger - Chad

PriceFrom €149.00
    • Fine art print on Hahnemühle 350g museum quality paper
    • Print size : 21x21 cm / Image size : 19,5x13 cm / Edition of 30
    • Print size : 30x40 cm / Image size : 20x30 cm / Edition of 20
    • Print size : 50x70 cm / Image size : 40x60 cm / Edition of 15
    • Print size : 70x100 cm / Image size : 60x90 cm / Edition of 10
    • Images are numbered and signed by Vincent Tremeau